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Working Horse Magazine ~ November 2006

Throughout our lives we have thousands of thoughts and ideas. Some of them we act on, but most we let slip away. I believe that those thoughts and ideas come from God and they are meant to help us find our direction. Think of them as signposts or mile markers along our journey of life. We acted on one of those ideas and decided to leave great jobs in Iowa and move to the Black Hills to start a new business and live a
totally different life.

As told by owners Doug and Jody Lindgren

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Today's Horse Magazine ~ June 2006

Doug and Jody Lindgren have put out a brand new welcome mat for horse campers visiting the Black Hills in 2006. The couple opened Hay Creek Ranch located in the beautiful Nemo area of the Hills. Their secluded campground, surrounded by the Black Hills National Forest on three sides, offers not only genuine hospitality but also diverse riding terrain that fits everyone’s riding tastes and levels.

By Cindy Card

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Beautiful Scenery Found in South Dakota Black Hills and Hay Creek Ranch


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