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Ranch Visitor Testimonials

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"Thank you very much for everything that you did for us at your beautiful ranch.  You were great and we'll tell everyone about the wonderful time that we had.  We all enjoyed it.  Thanks a bunch!"  
Daryl - MN

"It does not get better than this. Beautiful scenery, great company and expert advice. Thank you for everything and see you this fall."
Tim - MN

"This has been one of the most extraordinary weeks for my life. Thank you.
Steve - MN

"We had a great time on our vacation here in the Black Hills. We couldn't have a better experience and finer facilities than what you provided us! Out of all of the fabulous trails we ended up on we, surprisingly, didn't get lost and the trip across Nemo Rd. was fabulous! Thanks again for the wonderful hospitality for us, our horses and our dog. Thanks for everything!"
Sue, Tracy, Erik, Brandyn, Justin and Shane - IA

"Thanks for being so great to us. We really appreciate everything. Hope to see you soon."
Kurt and Laura - WI

"Great place! Everything about Hay Creek is good, especially the horse corrals! Thanks for a great trip."
Gary and Carol - WI

"Thanks you so much for the relaxing vacation! We really enjoyed ourselves and the Lazy J cabin was very nice, as were the accommodations for our horses!"
Dan and Jeanne - WI

"WOW! Thanks for the fantastic experience!"
Bryan - SD

"Thanks for the wonderful time. Thanks for making my 3 year old a better horse. Can't wait to come back. Happy Trails!"
Dale, Dawn and Jae - IA

"Wonderful, wonderful! I'll be back. Thanks so much!"
Cindy - MO

"The only thing better than the trails and riding are our hosts. Doug and Jody have shown tremendous western hospitality unmatched in our travels."
Tom and Lorenda - KY

"You have a very comfortable atmosphere! You are by far the cleanest horse camp we have been to. Thank you! See you in the future"
Tom and Rita - MN

"Thanks for such a great vacation, what a wonderful time. The rides were great, Doug was so helpful, this is a four-star ranch. We will be back this fall."
Mike and Julie - MN

"Wonderful accommodations, great hospitality and beautiful rides! Thanks for the great vacation!"
Greg and Peggy - MN

"Awesome...Can't wait to come back!"
Mark and Carrie - CO

"Everything was better than we could have ever expected. Wonderful! Thank you. We'll be back!"
Jennifer and Greg - MN

"Another wonderful year. The tree's turning are beautiful. We really appreciate all you do and your hospitality. See you next year for sure."
Joan and Gary - NE

"Once again, thanks for a great time. The hospitality is always awesome and the riding superb. We'll be back for sure!"
Dale and Deb - WI

"We had a great time! Ride in Pink week-end was wonderful! Loved the Hills! Hope to be back - take care!"
Eldon and Brenda - IA

"We love this place more each time we come here. We will be back this fall with bells on!!"
Jim and Carol - MN

"Our fourth year here and another great time! We keep coming back because of the great riding and also the two most wonderful hosts anyone could encounter. Hope to see you next year. It will be fine!"
Pat and Linette - WI

" Thanks for a wonderful week of riding in the Hills. The clean camp and wonderful hospitality was awesome. We had a great time and got the opportunity to meet such nice people and ride in beautiful country!"
Becky - MN

"You are incredible, Doug! Thanks for the good time!"
Jen - SD

"Had a great time. Thanks for showing us some of the trails. Some of the best rides we have had! A special thanks for all the help and extra time you took to get our horse to the vet. We are very grateful for all you did. Hope to be back. Happy Trails!"

Jack and Gloria - NE

"Thanks for a wonderful week of sight-seeing by horseback and sharing the knowledge of horses you have with us. What a beautiful place, we love it."
Ken and Marcia - IL

"Thank you both for another wonderful stay at Hay Creek Ranch. You make it feel like a home away from home. See you again next August for the Rally."
John - KS

"Such a great time, this was our second year. Ride in Pink was very fun - entertainment, cowboy church, food. Don't want to go home yet."
Mike and Barb - MN

"What a wonderful place you have here. It was like riding in heaven. I have ridden many places in the 19 years I have had horses and as of this week you are on top of my list. You have a wonderful place to stay and are the friendliest people. That makes it even more enjoyable on a trip like this. Keep smiling, Doug, you are a real high class cowboy."
Carolyn - IL

"Had a great time, beautiful country, nice weather. You run a very customer oriented horse business. Thanks!"
Dave - MN

"We have driven a car and ridden a motorcycle all over these "Hills", but we never really got a good look at them until we saw them off the back of a horse. No wonder the Indians wanted the Black Hills! Thank you for a great week!"
Beth and Don - MN

"Thanks for the great hospitality! You have really built a nice campground. The only bad thing about our trip was that we didn't get to stay long enough! See you next year!"
Joe - IA

"Loved our second stay with you. A peaceful little piece of paradise after our hectic days on the bikes. We brought three friends with us this time and they have loved it just as much as us. We will definitely be back. "
Margaret and Chris - New Zealand

"What a treasure - we're so glad we came - it's beautiful! Thanks for your hospitality."
Dave and Nola - MN

"Thank you so much for everything. You made us feel so welcome and if it wasn't for you and your horse Skip it wouldn't have been much of a vacation. So once again, thank you very much!! We'll be back. "
Brian and Brenda - Kramer

"Love the country here, go anywhere, ride to please yourself and your horse. Thank you so much, great place, love it!"
Mike and Marilyn - IL

"What a great time we had here. You couldn't ask for a better host than you, Doug. We hope to come back many times."
Dave and Michelle - MN

"We have really enjoyed staying here. You're here to help, but not watching over our shoulder. Thanks!"
Sharon and Bud - WY

"It was truly refreshing to visit HC Ranch. The hospitality was immeasurable and the generosity truly heavenly. Thank you for a wonderful visit. We will make sure our friends and family are aware that HC Ranch is almost heaven."
Mike and Cheryl - IL

"Beautiful place! We enjoyed our stay....loved our rustic cabin"
Gary and Beth - MO

"I have enjoyed my experience here, a great one. My horse and I have learned so much and the service and staff here have been so good to me. Your facilities are wonderful, too. Thank you."
Brenda - MN

"Great place. Thanks for the excellent service. God bless you."
Randy and Linda - OK
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